Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery in
Aroostook County

Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery in Aroostook County

Pet Surgery
Most soft tissue and orthopedic operations can be performed at Hotham’s Veterinary Services, which is well prepared. We are aware of your worries regarding the dangers of anesthesia, and we use the most advanced monitoring technology to allay your worries.

For each patient, a specific anesthesia protocol is created. In addition to carefully choosing the sedatives that will be used to induce anesthesia, painkillers, antibiotics, and fluid therapy during surgery to assist maintain healthy blood pressure are also parts of this individualised strategy.

For all species of dogs, we execute a wide range of surgical treatments, such as spaying and neutering, tumour removal, corrective surgery, orthopedic surgery, and urgent surgical procedures. Please schedule a meeting with our staff right away if your pet requires surgery so that you can receive all the information you require. We don’t economise and we don’t skimp on caring.